CottageCrew Enjoys A Day Sailing

CottageCrew enjoys a day out with Key Sailing

Key Sailing is voted Sarasota’s number one sailboat charter! Tim and Jan treated The Cottages on the Key and the CottageCare teams to a day on the water! The Key Breeze sailboat can hold up to 12 people, so we split into two groups and went on a daytime sail and a sunset cruise. Tim and Jan are very passionate about Sarasota and sharing that love to every person they come into contact with. We all took turns driving the boat, some of us even drove under the Ringling Causeway. Let me tell you, that was intense! The Key Breeze’s mast is 59.5 feet tall and the Ringling is about 65 feet above water! I swear I was going to break their mast! I asked the crew to give me some feedback, and this is what they said!

The couples who got off the boat right before us had an AMAZING time as well. Jan and Tim have so much local knowledge and deep roots here that bring an exciting twist on story time for the boat. I would definitely recommend them! Everything we passed on the boat, I’ve seen my whole life and I still appreciated it from a new set of eyes! – Baily

I had a great time and thought they were knowledgeable and fully engaged with their guests. They are very interesting and their stories were telling and painted a picture of how they got to where they are in life. I thought the experience was relaxing and memorable and from a guest perspective, especially ones that may have not been here before, I think they would definitely think the same. In the end, we had opportunities to steer a sailboat, see the city from the water, see an amazing sunset, see dolphins/wildlife, served beer/drinks/chocolate/flowers, and spend time with some good friends from the CottageCrew! 🙂 – Kenny

I had a great time with Key Sailing. Jan and Tim were fantastic. Jan’s stories were entertaining but most of all it gave me a sense of how much she loves the area and I think people who have never been here will have a great time and come back with a better appreciation of the area we all love. I would go back! – Jennifer

Local Breweries to Check Out

Distilleries and Breweries to explore while you are here!

The Sarasota area is scattered with local treasure! What better way to spend a rainy or colder day than to go explore the local craft beers and liquors!

Located only 5 miles from our office, on the mainland, is JDub’s Brewing Company. A local favorite since 2013, Jeremy “JDub” utilizes his creative freedom along with his food science degree to an environment that values individuality and self-expression through beer recipes. Stop in and get a Poolside Kolsh while playing games in their massive backyard!

About 8 miles onto the mainland is another local favorite, Big Top Brewing Company. Complimenting Sarasota’s historical association with The Ringling Circus and our appreciation of performing arts, Big Top incorporates the heart of this city into all of their brews! Sit by their backyard fire pit and enjoy a Key Lime Wheat!

Calusa Brewing is located just a 6 mile drive over the South Bridge. It is a Veteran-owned, family friendly craft brewery that embodies the tremendous respect the Native Calusa tribe had for the ocean and Florida’s natural resources. They offer traditional style, unfiltered, hop-forward, and mixed fermentation brews. Check out the amazing new wall art while you sip on a Zote!

Just around the corner from the SRQ airport is Siesta Key Rum Distillery. Go on a tour of the facility or hang out in the tasting room! Shop their staple rums or get a special edition blend! SKR can be found in most liquor stores and bars in the area! The Cottages office favorite is the Toasted Coconut Rum!

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